School Holidays – Sandgate

I had promised my eldest charge a trip to the beach as I had shown her some photos of my last trip to Wynnum Esplanade with her two younger siblings. Once packed and ready to go Sandgate Esplanade it was!

Sandgate Esplanade

I was a bit more organised than my ‘Where To Go‘ outing as I packed scooters, helmets and a change of clothes for all three charges on top of all the usual extras.

We scootered along plenty of wide pathways before we found some stairs to climb down and explore the mysteries of what the low tide had left behind. Seaweed (for throwing at each other); endless amounts of shells and pippies and heaps of scattering hermit crabs – I bet they could sense the presence of my three little charges.

Sandgate finds

We ran through the shallow channels of the ocean and hopped from sandbar to sandbar to find more shells, more crabs and more sand to sink out feet into. Our rare find of the day was a sea urchin. It was soon ‘follow the leader’ time back to shore and quench our thirst before jumping onto our scooters and heading home.

Sandgate OceanSandgate Seed Pod

I highly recommend spending the morning at a place like Sandgate Esplanade during school holidays. The time is used searching, discovering and exploring with sight, sound and touch.


p.s Once back at home we flew our Paper Seagulls…


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