Collage Kit

Start a Collage Kit  Collage Kit Crown

Keep any scrap pieces of paper that you have lying around the house, even if you think they may be boring cut them up and keep them. A child’s imagination can create a world of wonder to the untrained eye.

Cut and tear your scrap paper into random sized pieces as well as different shapes – triangles, diamonds, circles, mushrooms and even puzzle pieces if you want to get adventurous.

You can even get the kidlets involved with their own collage kit depending on their ages, they can use a decorative hole punch with a little grown up help. Don’t forget to recycle: plastic bottle tops, paper towel and toilet roll tubes (microwave for 30 seconds to kill the germs) can go into your collage kit also.

Sometimes I need to purchase my material in craft stores and occasionally buy in bulk some key items for a particular craft project: pipe cleaners, match sticks, glue, foam and felt pieces, confetti, sequenes and paper stock.

Have a look at my Creating a Template for Kids page for ideas on what to make with your Collage Kit.

Happy Collaging!


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